Image How to promote peace?
How to promote peace?

To promote peace, it is crucial to enhance the value of the others and treat them in the same way as you treat yourself. If you do that, peace is at the heart of any situations in your life. Peacekeeping efforts are recommended to every society; on the other hand, the individuals or communities can enhance their impacts as long as they focus their efforts in the promotion of peace in a strategic way.

Discover and evaluate

It is essential to identify the problems and their leading factors which harm peace in the community. By looking at the statistics about the crime rate, especially the ones related to hate crime and school incidents, it is possible to identify the roots of the problems at a glance. Through discussions with the local residents, the local commissions of human rights and/or through the associations of students' parents it is possible to get further detailed information about crime.

Cultural and official organizations like the Prem Rawat Foundation can be also of a great necessity to incite the inhabitants of all nations to share their culture, and to promote the education of the established plans of actions, which will eventually lead to harmony and intercultural / interconfessional understanding. You can lay your hands and engage yourself in some of those activities.

The participatory mapping of assets relies on the discussions made with local community residents. It aims to identify and map the problematic sites (areas where crime rate is high), the communal belongings which need to be safeguarded (like parks, schools and organizations), as well as the factors to violence within the community (including open space areas and vacant buildings). To get practical advice, it is recommended to use any available tools from the peace organizations, including any advancement project.

Focus your attention and engage yourself

Having the information at hand, the next step is to choose which questions are more important for you and your community, particularly the ones in which you can engage in peace promotion. Here are some of most common fields of focus chosen by most communal representatives and peace organizations among many others, from the simplest to the most elaborate ones:

  • Artistic, musical and cultural programs to promote peace.
  • Peace and interconfessional collaborations, events, meetings, eve of holidays and gatherings. 
  • Anti-bullying programs and other violence prevention initiatives at school. 
  • Restorative justice programs for schools and communal areas with more focus on healing rather than punishment. 
  • Partnership reinforcement between the residents and police officers. 
  • Training of local peace commissions. 
  • Creation of the twin-city and twin-community programs. 
  • Establishment of community rules and regulations and other politics for peace and justice.

Create and launch

You are not supposed to start building from nothing. Join other people who are already involved in peace promotion such as Prem Rawat and his colleagues from the TPRF Foundation, for example, in order to reach your goal to consolidate peace. Check if your city is among the peace commissions of any similar organizations.

But if it is not the case, several communities have already been involved with respecting the compassion principles, and have started making an impact in the local areas. You can contact the local organizations who are responsible for peace promotion efforts, or follow their directives in order to know how to start and carry out your plans.

Evaluate and sustain

By evaluating your peace consolidation efforts, you can assure yourself that they are efficient and sustainable. Setting clear, measurable goals will easily make ways to manageable progress in an intelligible way.

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