Image Zoom on the global initiatives in the fight against hunger

Zoom on the global initiatives in the fight against hunger

Zoom on the global initiatives in the fight against hunger

Hunger is a scourge which still affects millions of people all over the world. It has remained a serious problem which prevents the world from becoming a peaceful place to live, according to the peace ambassador Prem Rawat. Hunger is still a big problem major for many countries.

Fortunately, many initiatives to fight against hunger have been taken all over the world. Several foundations like the Prem Rawat Foundation and global organizations carry out important humanitarian actions to eradicating hunger in the future.

Global initiatives in the fight against hunger

World Food Program of the United Nations

The World Food Program (WFP) is the main global organization which is involved in the fight against famine. Besides, there are other key organizations which are in charge of logistics and emergency.

A large number of organizations within the WFP work on the frontline to deal with hunger-related emergencies. They provide food aid and collaborate with national and international communities in the efforts to improve nutrition.

In 2017, the World Food Program (WFP) took the initiatives to distribute food and digital pay cards to millions of Somalis. Nowadays, the organization has collected 1.5 billion dollars to contribute to the fight against food insecurity in Nigeria.


L'UNICEF operates in 190 countries and territories, and advocates exclusively with and for children. It is concerned with raising funds for humanitarian actions, as well as advocating for their basic rights and promoting their education. L'UNICEF has adopted a three-pronged approach in its effort to deal with the food crisis in Africa.

The first consists of assisting13.1 millions of children who are suffering from hunger in the most impoverished countries.

The second approach involves providing care for millions of children who are under the age of five suffering from acute malnutrition.

The third approach concerns collecting 712 million dollars in 2017 in order to finance those projects.

L'UNICEF played a key role in the generating immediate, innovative solutions to address the food crisis in a region, including its initiative to distribute ready-made therapeutic food in South Soudan.

Mercy Corps

Mercy Corps is an organization which aims to "alleviate pain, end poverty and oppression by providing people with all the necessities to build safe, productive and equitable communities". Its main preoccupation is to empower and increase the participation of its member countries. This involves providing help, supplies, as well as on-the-ground assistance. In fact, it highlights the creation of internal activities to promote changes.

Nowadays, Mercy Corps sends its members on assignments all over Africa. Their mission is to provide the needy families with the necessities of their survival, which include adequate food, water and supplies. 

Action Against Hunger

Action Against Hunger or "Action contre la faim" is a global humanitarian organization which deals with both the causes and the impacts of hunger. The main target fields are food, health, water, and water sanitation, food security, and livelihoods. The organization is also responsible for crisis evaluation and emergency intervention, which is crucial to better serve the concerned communities.

Nowadays, it is working on a program that specifically deals with the impending famine in Somalia, as well as more serious issues on the food crisis in South Soudan, Yemen and Nigeria.


CARE works on multiple global platforms to win the war against poverty and to empower communities. It set up its projects in 94 countries and can reach over 80 million people thanks to its endeavor! In March, CARE denounced the restriction of budget allotted to foreign aid, which will have an immediate impact on over 20 million people who are affected by the food crisis in Africa.

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