International Students Start Trickling Back

International students are more likely to be able return next year for their first semester. Australia has opened up international travel opportunities for Australians starting in November 1.

There will no limit on the number fully vaccinated citizens or permanent residents who can fly into New South Wales after that date. As a response to the announcement by Dominic Perrottet, Premier of NSW, Scott Morrison confirmed that fully vaccinated travelers will not need to enter quarantine in NSW.

This is a crucial moment in the transition towards COVID-normal. NSW will follow by other states. Victoria will likely be the next rank.

NSW wants inbound travel to be resume for tourists and students from overseas. The Commonwealth however has a staged approach. Morrison explained Friday that the Commonwealth has adopted a staged approach.

It will first be for Australians, Australian residents, and their families. We’ll wait to see how it goes, then we’ll move on to the next priority, which I already identified as skilled migration and students to Australia.

Only a small number of students have been grant travel exemptions to allow them to enter the country. These include students who are research students and students with Australian government funding. They also include students studying nursing, medical, or allied health and will be able to do work placements. Secondary school students in years 11-12.

What Plans Are There For Students?

Other students might soon be eligible to enter the Commonwealth under plans for international student admissions that have been agreed to by the Commonwealth as well as the relevant state/territorial. Many pilot plans were announced, but later scrapped.

One plan is in place at the moment, but it is still to be implemented. This plan will allow up 250 international students who are studying with NSW education providers, to return every fortnight starting in December 2021.

Victoria’s proposal allows 120 student currently enrolled to enter the state every week. These numbers will be increased to include more students and other providers in the future.

Quarantine For Two Weeks

Students would require to stay in quarantine for two weeks. Universities will pay the majority of the A$5,000 per student. These plans, if implemented, would only allow approximately 1,500 student to come to NSW and 2,100 to Victoria in the first semester. These plans will likely be temporary and replaced by simpler and more affordable arrangements for incoming student.

It is absurd to require international student who have been fully vaccinate to quarantine for two week. Once fully vaccinated Australians arrive from the same country, they no longer need quarantine. Returning Australians are not at greater risk from international student.

Once borders are open, international student arrivals will increase steadily. The priority will given to Australians returning home when the double vaccination rate reaches 80% in all states and territories. This is likely to be refer to as getting Aussies back home for Christmas.

Next, international student and migrants will welcome. International students are happy to wait until January or February to travel to the United States, even if campuses close for the summer.

What Number Of Returning Students Are We Able To Expect?

Hotel capacity is no longer a major problem due to the removal of quarantine. International flights will soon be available in 2022, which will limit the number of students returning to school.

Over 45,000 Australians living overseas are currently registere with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade to receive assistance in returning to Australia. Around 146,000 international student have been grant visas to Australia, but they have not allow to enter the country. Nearly 264,000 international student remain in Australia, which is less than half the number of student who were there two years ago.